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Our Purpose

At Endris Chiropractic, You Are In Charge!

Our Purpose... to educate toward optimal health through natural chiropractic care.

Higher Standards Greater Results...
Better Life!


During your initial consultation...

you quickly will discover that at Endris Chiropractic you are in safe hands, we offer a comprehensive, professional approach to wellness.


Within you lies the power to find and keep your body incredibly healthy.

At Endris Chiropractic we focus on prevention and whole-body wellness by discovering the source of your health problems and addressing them, without contemporary drugs or surgery and not just treating the symptoms.

Testimonials from Our Fantastic Clients

Be on top of the world
Following you'll find a few testimonials from some of our clients...

My walk is more free and my posture is much better and more relaxed. Before, I visited Dr. Endris I felt hunched over and turned in and now I feel my energy is back, my torso feels more free and relaxed. The experience and the results have been quite extraordinary.

Barbara S.

"Hello, my name is Peter, I use to think that it was normal to feel pain in my lower back. Now I feel like I did before my accident. Thanks, Dr. Endris. Chiropractic really works. I find Dr. Endris to be a highly effective chiropractor and an extraordinarily kind and caring person."

Peter V


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Dr. Richard J. Endris, provides safe, gentle, family chiropractic care.

"Together we can make a difference"

Endris Chiropractic Clinic

Mon. Wed. Fri...
7:45 to 11:45 and 2:00 to 5:45 pm
11:00 to Noon

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1560 Livingston AVE Suite #103 - West Saint Paul, MN 55118
North of E. Wentworth Ave.

Phone: 651 451-2229

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